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Cooking Cutter

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Cooking Cutter

  • Invention patent #540946
  • Utility model registration #295708
  • Design registration #327963, #327964
  • Trademark registration #570292

This product is a household item designed geometrically considering multi-functionality, practicality, safety, natural beauty and softness with the shape of eggplant and bud. It is used for cutting food, making foams, mixing liquids and whisking an egg for home, outdoor, restaurants and cooking, differentiating the ordinary industrial scissors. The product can also be used as a spanner, bottle opener, cap releaser. The product is so convenient that it can be used as it is grabbed and hanged as it is held in hand.
It's a safe and cutting-edge product without creatingng aversion when treating someone.

The bottle opener does not destroy the cap, enabling reuse of the original cap for the original container. The big grip hole makes it easy to use in the winter after wearing cotton gloves inside and rubber gloves outside. It's ergonomically designed to prevent sore hands after long-term use.